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Name: TMN Lewis and Madeline Kneberg named this type for examples from the Camp Creek site near Greenville, Tennessee.

Age: W.H. Baker estimates the Greenville point to date between 2150 and 1700BP.[1] Like Camp Creek and Eared Yadkin points, these points date from the latter part of the Early Woodland to the Middle Woodland periods.

Description: The Greenville point is medium sized measuring between 1.25 and 2 inches (29 to 50mm) in length. The blade edges are parallel in the hafting area and may become excurvate through the upper portion of the blade with an acute distal end. The basal edge is flat to slightly incurvate and the flaking is random.

Distribution: Greenville points range in distribution from northwestern to central Georgia.

[1] Baker, W.H., A Hypothetical Classification of some of the Flaked Stone Projectiles, Tools and Ceremonials from the Southeastern United States. Williams Printing, Inc., Quincy, 1995