Peach State Archaeological Society Newsletter

January 2018

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From the President

I would like to welcome all members to another year of news from within our society and fine quarterly CSAS Journals. I ended last year’s newsletter with news of the new dig opportunity that 6 Members of Peach State took the opportunity to participate. Archaeologist Dana Chandler with Tuskegee University supervised an educational dig for some 60 of his students at an old Plantation site on the Tallapoosa River in eastern Alabama. Peach state members included; Merwyn West, Wayne Porch, Jessie Nelson, Tamara and Tyler Nelson, Don Nix, and myself.

Dana split Peach State members off into one of three groups to help mentor students as they worked the site. Merwyn and Jessie and his parents worked the slave cemetery, Wayne Porch worked with students at the slave cabins site, and Don Nix and I worked the Blacksmith shop. All Peach State members also dug for half a day at a Native American Site on the property, on a T2 River Terrace, adjacent to the Tallapoosa River.

To back track just a bit, the local history of the site was provided by the property owners’ elders, (whose names are withheld to protect the sites) who could recollect the locations of the cemetery and out buildings on the site. The property was purchased from the Indians, in the early 1820’s PRIOR to the Indians removal. Many instances are recorded where white traders married Indian wives and set up trading posts within Indian Territory. Several that come to mind is Cedartown GA and another, Guntersville Alabama, a Scottish emigrant Gunter set up a trading post on the TN River in N. Alabama. Another, Sutter, operated a trading post on Settendown Creek near Cumming GA. Named for the sacred Cherokee site nearby, “Set Ten Down”, directly referring to the Bible’s most important laws. And the list goes on and on.

Back to the Dig, the original log cabin that was first built on the site, burned in the early 1800’s and was replaced with the current old home that is still standing and is now in use as a private family museum. The family had built quite a trading post on the property, anchored by a large farm complete with a Blacksmith shop, Tannery, and a silver camp down on the river. The Indians were removed in 1835-8 and the family was able to assemble several other land lottery parcels to complete the current foot print of the Plantation. The Family wanted to preserve the cemetery site but was not completely sure of the size and exact location of the many unmarked graves, those that were marked, were done so by a vertical rock at the head and foot. I believe 66 graves were located, and based on the size of many, most were children.

At the cabin site 1/4 mile distant, were 3 houses and they were located on a hillside. The location of the site was confirmed by the recovery of 2 small clay elbow pipes of the period, mid to late 1800’s, and several large caliber musket balls. Finally, the Blacksmith shop produced many handmade square nails of various sizes, period ceramics, handmade hinge straps and a smooth bore gun barrel that was the prized find.

Students worked hard, clearing the site and excavating, sifting all soil thru 1/8 inch mesh hardware cloth. The Math team set up the grid, and recorded location of finds for all three sites. These students were given a hands on approach to Archaeology and it was great to see folks who did not have gray hair, out in the field getting their hands dirty, and no, I- phone in their hand, for at least several hours!

Dana hosted about 60 students and Teachers from Hadley High School and has been doing so for at least the last 7-8 years. No one is paid for their service or time, all is volunteer work. I would like to propose that Peach State help these kids each year with volunteers as Ambassadors of Archaeology and help mentor the kids, and hopefully some other members who had wanted to come in 2017 can make it in 2018. Come on out, and participate and discover artifacts and see how we explore a site and gather useful information thru real Archaeology.

I will call for a short business meeting at the Marietta Show to further discuss the mentoring project and see if there is any interest by Peach State for this type of opportunity and possibly make a donation to Dana and his team to help these students succeed in their quest for discovery. I call on those Peach State Members, who attended last year, as Ambassadors to this project, Merwyn West, Wayne Porch, Jessie, Tamara, and Tyler Nelson, and Don Nix. We will also discuss and vote on the possibility of sponsoring another Artifact Show in Forsyth GA scheduled for May 6th. Forsyth is just north of Macon by maybe 15 miles. George Valente will host this event.

Secretary’s Report

The annual business meeting of the Peach State Archaeological Society was called to order by President Steven Beasley at 1:05 pm September 16th, 2017 during the Dalton, Georgia artifact show.

Our President opened the meeting with a discussion of mailing out postcards as an economical way of reminding those past members who have not renewed their memberships. He stated that 500 postcards could be printed and mailed out at a cost of as little as $200. The members on hand were unanimously in favor of moving forward with this outreach.

King Ross spoke up with a challenge for all members attending future shows, "If you see a visitor steer them to the Peach State table for a free Journal and an invitation for them to become society members".

Jim Maudsley, show judge, suggested to continue the practice of awarding 2nd and 3rd place medallions for deserving entries in the appropriate categories, which was also unanimously agreed upon.

The business meeting then turned to the task of electing officers for the upcoming year. The moderator called for any nominations from the floor and none were presented. Without any nominations from the floor the President made a motion that all current officers and appointees continue in their position for the ensuing year. With a second from Fred Swain and a show of hands from the members in attendance, the 2018 Peach State Officers and Appointments are as follows;

Officers Appointments:

President - Steven Beasley Website Security/Administrator Pat Harris

Vice President - Trent Clayton Website content Manager Lloyd Schroder

Treasurer - King Ross Show Judge Dr. Jim Maudsley

Secretary - Lee Forsyth

State Editor- Steven Beasley

A loud clap of hands and appreciation went out to the Dalton show host, Jerry Burgess, family and friends as well as the Liberty Baptist Church for the usage of their facilities. With no other business to be discussed the meeting was adjourned.

From the Treasurer

Report for Fiscal Year 2017

Bank Balance as of 12/31/2016 $17,981.61

Bank Balance as of 12/31/2017 $17,587.50

Peach State Check Book Balance $ 17,610.65

Shows Marietta + $ 14.00

Athens - $ 155.00

Swainsboro +$ 583.00

Cartersville +$ 491.25

Dalton +$ 75.00

TOTAL 1008.25

Donations +1,553.00

Income Total +2,561.25


Newsletters, Stamps, Envelopes, Copies, President and Treasurer -1.602.77

Business cards Treasurer and Vice President - 109.37

Web Domain Name 3 years - 283.00

Post Cards Membership reminders - 206.69

Business Meeting Central States 2 officers - 250.00

Freight old Journals sold at shows and free giveaways - 290.00

Show Trophies - 206.70

Nonprofit State Registration - 30.00




From the Editor

Our friends in Augusta, the Augusta Archaeological Society, will host a lecture by John Ladson. The site is a prolific Paleo site reported in the book, First Floridians and Last Mastodons, The Page-Ladson Site in the Aucilla River, edited by S. David Webb, printed by Springer in 2006. Mr. Ladson will report on the pre-Clovis Artifacts, Pleistocene Fossils, and underwater Archaeology. Book the date, February 8th at 6:30 pm at the Augusta Museum of History located at 560 Reynolds Street Augusta GA 30901. Admission is FREE so if you live in the area, you are sure to see some fabulous artifacts. For more info contact Karen Vandiver 706-631-5838.

I would also like to give SHOUT OUT of THANKS to the Peach State Society as a whole for the great response this year on the timely renewal of your memberships, and also to the new members who have joined us. We have been working really hard on getting dues in on time; the Treasurer and Vice-President make phone calls, Treasure Ross sends out post cards, and I am happy to report a significant increase in total membership year over year for the 1st quarter. We had 180 members renew “on time” in 2017 but for 2018 we have 212 coming out of the chute, which means Treasurer Ross saves lots of his time and cost of mailing the January issue. The cost is approximately 3 times 32 members or $96.00 dollars. For comparison, we have been hovering around 230 members by the 4th quarter last year. Thank you one and all!!