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Written by Lloyd Schroder   
Sunday, 03 July 2011 17:53


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Name: The Buzzard Roost Creek point was named for a site along the Buzzard Roost Creek in Colbert County Alabama.[1]

Age: Bifurcated examples may resemble the MacCorkle point. Cambron and Hulse suggest an Early to Middle Archaic association based on recoveries from the namesake site. Recoveries from the Little Bear Creek site were from an Early Archaic context. These recoveries indicate that the bifurcated forms may have extended from Early to an early Middle Archaic period.

Description: The Buzzard Roost is a medium-sized point measuring 2.5 to 4 inches in length. The blade is broad with excurvate edges. Blade edges are typically not serrated. The stem varies between bifurcation and deeply concave.

Distribution: The Buzzard Roost Creek point is primarily a Tennessee point found in related areas in extreme Northwest Georgia above the Piedmont.

[1] Cambron, James W. and David C. Hulse, Handbook of Alabama Archaeology, Alabama Archaeological Society, Huntsville, Alabama 1990, p. 21

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