These are the larger, earlier Savannah River points

These are Small Savannah River examples

Name: The Savannah River point was named for examples from the Savannah River Focus of the Archaic period in the Piedmont region of North Carolina.

Age: The larger Savannah River point (above) dates to the occurrence of fiber-tempered pottery between 4150 and 3800 BP. A smaller version of the Savannah River point (below) was noted at the Chickasawwhatchee Creek site in Dougherty County dating between 3400 and 3800 BP.

Description: The earlier Savannah River is a large point measuring between 35 and 125 mm in length.The smaller Savannah River of the Woodland period averaged between 38 and 52 mm in length.Both early and late varieties have a triangular blade with excurvate blade edges and shoulders are straight to tapering.The cross-section is lenticular with an acute distal end.The stem is straight to slightly tapering with an incurvate basal edge.

Distribution: Both the early and later versions of the Savannah River point are widely distributed across Georgia.