This is a large grouping of antler banner weights from Florida.

This is the antler banner weight in the lower center of the picture above.

Note the markings from this closeup of the above banner weight.



Atlatl weights of antler were used where stone was scarce in places like Florida, yet C. B. Moore[ii] found the flaked points contained in the Dalton zone were better fitted to thrusting and javelin use rather than with the atlatl.  In fact, the first evidence of an atlatl hook or “trigger” was not encountered at the site until the Morrow Mountain assemblage was recovered.  This is considered to be the earliest use of the atlatl in North America. Archaeologist Nancy White attributes the appearance of the atlatl in Florida to their introduction from other southeastern areas by about 6,000 B.P.  In his work at the Hardaway site, Joffre Coe

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