2014 - 2015

Show host Lee Forsyth and his wife

Thanks Lee for putting on a great show with 100 tables!

Andy Odem and his great Alabama collection

Just a small part of the Bob Reeves collection from East Tennessee

Bob Reeves (in the top hat), like so many of us, renewing old friendships at the show

Bud Sexton's beautiful collection of hardstone artifacts from East Tennessee

George Valente with his collection with frames crafted by the famed frame-maker, Dr. Brooks.

Veteran collectors Howard King and Fred Swain discussing strategies with Central States editor Steve Cooper.

This drawing of a Mississippian Eagle Dancer was recovered in Tennessee.  Some of the outline has been highlighted in red dots.

Frames were available from John Tilly, a popular collector from Tennessee.  Frames and the proper care and cataloging of collections is an important part of the Peach State Archaeological Society's philosophy.  When an artifact has survived for thousands of years and remains undamaged, we are obligated to protect it during our short life time.

Kevin Dowdy and friend share collecting stories, one of any members favorite pastimes.

This appears to be an effigy of a captive, perhaps for sacrifice.  Most captive effigies are shown in a kneeling position with hands and feet tied.

King Ross, PSAS Vice President and Treasurer, discussing CSAJ business with Steve Cooper, CSAJ Editor.

These are casts of footprints taken from Blowing Cave, Tennessee.  The human prints are believed to be about 4500 years old and the saber-tooth cat is believed to be about 10,000 years old.

This copper ware is from the Tallasi site and include discs, an arm band, hawk bells and trade beads.

These two beautiful carved shell gorgets date to the Mississippian period.